12 июня 2009, Пятница

Нигерийское письмо

419 scam emailЕсли у вас есть э-маил, значить вы уже не раз получали так называемое «нигерийское письмо«. Видимо рассылать миллионы э-маилов ежедневно оказалось недостаточно. Фантазия и финансовые возможности аферистов не знают границ, теперь такие письма начали рассылаться по обычной почте.
Я один из тех, кому повезло — мой домашний адрес попал в базу спамеров и сегодня я получил предложение заработать 5 миллионов долларов. И что интересно, письмо было посланно из Южной Африки. Судя по маркам, стоимость отправки не меньше 1-го доллара. Видимо аферисты уже достаточно богаты, раз могут позволить себе такую недешёвую рассылку. Т.к. мой адрес уже засвечен, то теперь наверное придётся собирать коллекцию этих знаменитых писем.

nigerian letter

4 комментария

  1. sehrbaz -

    Скоро придут письма в которых предлагают green card, replica watches и enlargement 🙂

  2. NARKOZ -

    Вот за это ненавижу спам с доставкой на дом.

  3. Dr. FZ -

    suala cavab Мне действительно везёт со спамом. Теперь я получил «нигерийское письмо» из… Азербайджана. Да, теперь есть и такой спам:

    I am Nadi Gulam, 18 from Azerbaijan, daughter of Engr Ibrahim Gulam, Who was a contractor with STRUTEC ENGINEERING COMPANY in Nigeria until his death on the 29th of july 2006. I was in Azerbaijan, when my dad’s lawyer in Nigeria contacted me and told me about my dad’s death, i was quite surprised cos the last i saw my dad was when i was 6 years old when he left me and my mum. My mum died when i was 8 and i ve been living with an old lady who takes care of me in Azerbaijan.
    I came to Nigeria January this year to meet my dad’s lawyer as i was told he has willed to me $4.1 million dollars of his wealth which he deposited with a security company here in Nigeria. The problem now is that i cannot claim the money as i am supposed to be 21 years of age before i can claim funds above $1m.
    My dad’s lawyer died 3 months ago but i have all the paper works to claim the money but i cant since i am only 18 and need to be 21 to do that. The security house said i can get someone to stand for me as my next of kin and claim the funds on my behalf as a beneficiary so thats why i am reaching out to you to please come to my aid and assist me in claiming the funds.
    I would have decided to wait till im 21 but they let me know that by then a new government will come in and the funds are gonna be declared as unserviceable and unclaimable. Its not easy for me as i have been thrown out of the hotel i was formerly staying in cos i am owing them a lot of money, i am now staying with an elderly blind lady who i am helping so she can give me accomodation, i am also using her system to write you. It doesnt matter where you are as the money will be released into your account and you will send me out of it to buy my ticket and travel down to your country to receive the funds and you can assist me in setting up a business with it, i ll love to go into real estate though.
    God bless you as you consider to assist me.

  4. Dr. FZ -

    suala cavab У спамеров видимо действительно много денег, т.к. я уже не в первый раз получаю SMS-спам из-за границы.

    SMS spam

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